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Awards & Scholarships


Welcome to The guiDANCE Experience Awards and Scholarships page – where dance dreams transform into extraordinary achievements! Discover a world of recognition and opportunities tailored for every dancer. From coveted Adjudication Awards to Choreography and Innovation accolades, and life-changing Scholarship opportunities.  Our stage is set to celebrate your studio's brilliance. Elevate your dance journey with us, where talent meets triumph, creativity sparks innovation, and every dancer has a chance to shine. Join the dance revolution – The guiDANCE Experience awaits your studio's moment in the spotlight!



Choreography & Innovation

In our general competition groups category, This prestigious accolade honors choreographers challenging norms with a plaque and $250 prize. Notably, an additional $250 goes to the studio's chosen non-profit. The winning group enjoys a free routine the next year, plus an encore performance.


Recognizing exceptional musicality, this award is bestowed upon up to four entries—whether solo, duo, trio, or group—at each event. It celebrates performances that beautifully integrate music, elevating the artistry of dance.

Artist & athlete

In collaboration with Apolla Performance, celebrate exceptional athleticism and artistry! The guiDANCE Experience Dance Competition presents this award to a maximum of four entries—solo, duo, trio, or group—at each event, recognizing extraordinary dance mastery.

WEll-rounded studio

Earning distinction at The guiDANCE Experience Dance Competition, the Well-Rounded Studio Award is bestowed upon one outstanding studio at each event. Celebrating versatility in training and performance across diverse dance genres, it honors artistic excellence and comprehensive dance mastery.


The pinnacle of creativity, the highest-scoring Student Choreography, will be spotlighted

in our awards session. Embrace the challenge! When surpassing 10 entries, we celebrate not just one, but the top 3, acknowledging exceptional artistry and innovation

in dance. 


Presented to the standout dancer, this recognition celebrates attentiveness, energy, and supportive demeanor. It goes to

the individual who uplifts and positively impacts those sharing

the dance space.

Make a difference

Honoring the soloist who not only dazzles on stage but uplifts others backstage. This dancer radiates kindness. positive energy and encouragement. They receive two special keychains—one

to cherish and another to pass on

to someone who positively influenced their competition journey.


Celebrate the future stars with The Next Generation Award! This accolade honors studios showcasing not just promising technique but also inspiring character in their young dancers.

A tribute to the bright potential

and exceptional spirit of the

next generation in dance.

Title Awards

Pre-professional soloists are automatically registered to compete for the title within their division. There is no title for tots. 


Scholarship to be used for dance and/or academic study. Each title winner will receive a cash prize if there are three or more entries in their age division.

Scholarship Opportunities

Boppin' Babies Dance

Education Scholarship

Danscend Educator's

Membership Scholarship

Move the Initiative Summer Intensive Scholarship

Rhythm Works Integrative

Dance Scholarship

Taking Shape Star

Leadership Scholarship


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