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Elevating Dance, Defying Gravity

SEPTEMBER 14-15, 2024
Hilton doubleTREE 


What distinguishes the GDX acroDANCE Experience?
We understand and celebrate the varied strengths of each dancer. Whether mastering balance or striving for greater flexibility, our classes are meticulously designed to cultivate and polish every individual dancer's unique talents.

Teachers should select the level of each student within the four categories. Teachers are encouraged to use their judgment when assigning students to Acro levels. Parents who are uncertain about their child's placement should seek guidance from their teacher. Class levels are based on skill proficiency. Add-on classes are available by age. 



- Studios must register online. 

- Email for special requests if independent.

- Must be registered in an acro class.

- Must be able to hold a bridge for 30 seconds unassisted.

- Must be able to hold headstand for 10 seconds in two positions.

- Must have a cartwheel

- Minimum age 6.

Convention Fees: 

Acro Convention $300

$50 Deposit Per Student

$40 Add On Classes

Hotel Info: 

$159 Hotel Group Rate - Click Here

Cut-off date August 23, 2024

Doubletree by Hilton Pittsburgh - Cranberry 

910 Sheraton Drive Mars, PA 16046



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Level 1

  • Headstand variations

  • Chest stands

  • Elbow stands

  • Arm balances

Students must  be able to
demonstrate a headstand
with two positions.


Level 1

  • Standing backbends

  • Bridge recover

  • Bridge variations

  • Bridge walking

  • Handstand to bridge


Students must be able to hold a bridge for 30 seconds unassisted & have a standing backbend.


Flexibility &

Level 1

Level 1

  • Cartwheels

  • Walkovers 

  • Round offs

  • Cartwheel variations

  • Dive forward rolls

Students must be able to
demonstrate a cartwheel.

  • Basket

  • Bracelets

  • Baby scorpions

  • Leg extensions

  • Chest stand



Level 2

  • Handstand

  • Handstand walking

  • Elbow stand variations

  • Chest stands

  • Shoulder stands

Students must be able to demonstrate a handstand & elbow stand.


Level 2

  • Front walkovers

  • Back walkovers

  • Arabians

  • Limbers

​Students must be able to demonstrate a standing backbend & bridge recovery.


Flexibility &

Level 2

Level 2

  • Back handsprings

  • Side aerials

Students must demonstrate a front walkover, back walkover, and back limber. Students should be progressing on their aerial & back handspring.

  • Fishtails

  • Scorpion

  • Basket

  • Chest stand variations

Students must be able to demonstrate a chest stand & basket.




Level 3

  • Advanced variations of elbow, chest, shoulder, and handstands. Including hand-stand pirouettes and leg pattern variations. 

Students must be able to handwalk 10 steps and demonstrate a 10-second handstand and elbow stand.


Level 3

  • Advanced walkover & Arabian variations.

​Students must be able to demonstrate a front & back walkover, limbers, and Arabians.


Flexibility &

Level 3

Level 3

  • Side aerial variations, layouts, tucks, and front aerials.

Students must have clean consistent back handsprings
& side aerials.

  • Scorpion variations, pancake, mermaid teardrop, and face frame.

​Students must be able to demonstrate a full scorpion and chest stand.




 Elevate Performances Safely with FLOOR WORK & ACRO 

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Guidance LLC, the acroDANCE experience, reserves the right to adjust participant levels for safety. Our mission focuses on holistic dancer development and creating positive, family-friendly environments. Aligned with the Youth Protection Association for Dance (Y.P.A.D.), we prioritize empowering dance communities and ensuring youth safety. Together, we provide education and resources to promote well-being. At guiDANCE events, we collaborate to uphold these principles, ensuring a secure and enriching experience for everyone.

Floor Work

Floor work in Acro dance is a dynamic
fusion of acrobatics and dance, highlighting strength, flexibility, and control. Dancers execute rolls, spins, balances, and
transitions seamlessly, often integrating splits, handstands, and intricate footwork. This component demands a solid foundation in acrobatic skills and dance technique.
As well as focus, precision, and agility for safe execution. It enriches Acro dance routines, mesmerizing audiences with athleticism and artistry while adding depth and dimension to each performance.

Incorporating Acro

Integrating Acro transitions and tricks into dance routines infuses athleticism and creativity, elevating performances. These elements engage audiences and challenge dancers to excel in balance, strength, and flexibility, pushing the limits of traditional dance forms. Seamlessly fusing Acro with dance enhances routines, presenting visually striking displays of artistry and skill. Embracing Acro not only diversifies choreography but also nurtures versatility, empowering dancers to express themselves in fresh and captivating ways.

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