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Ambassador Program


Cultivating Leaders

Mentorship is important in any young dancer's life. Some may be born with talent, but it is with great teachers that dancers are built within the four walls of a studio and beyond. Our Network mentoring program gives a year-long experience to young dancers for one-on-one and group mentorship from industry professionals with various backgrounds, careers, and life experiences our young dancers would benefit learning from. 

The connection fostered within The Network doesn't stop upon taking their last bow of the weekend. Each month our faculty hosts a webinar for all members of the network on different personal and professional development topicsThe Network provides the opportunity for these dancers to connect with our guiDANCE faculty mentors, learn practical professional advice, and receive personalized coaching.

Ambassadors will cultivate leadership and collaboration skills within the guiDANCE community that will reap benefits in other areas of life and the greater communityAll Network members will receive Youth Protection Advocates in Dance education on media literacy, healthy development, self-esteem, mindfulness, social media, and more tools specifically designed for dancers in today's culture.

The members of the network are chosen by the artistic director through an online application.

More About Ambassador Program

Guidelines & Perks

We are seeking Ambassadors for each tour city:

  • Pittsburgh, PA

  • Salt Lake, UT

  • Fort Worth, TX

  • Detroit, MI

  • Buffalo, NY

  • Boston, MA

  • New Castle, PA

  • Chicago, IL

  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Orlando, FL



9-18 years of age.

Able to attend your city's event and one other city. 

Positive energy and self-motivated.

Interest in personal growth.

Desire to develop leadership and collaboration skills.

Selected candidates with be part of our Network program, gain access to exclusive educational opportunities (more details above on this page), and also receive a free solo  for your Home City and discounted registration for all other tour cities!  Apply any time. New ambassadors are added to the network in June.




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