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Vision & Standards

Our intention is to unite a community committed to a culture of respect. 
Our vision is for each guiDANCE experience event to provide an environment 
and a platform for healthy educational experiences and expressions for youth in dance.

We are a truly "family-friendly" dance event and have partnered with 
Y.P.A.D. Youth Protection 
Association in Dance to provide education for
faculty and staff on what that means and how to make it a reality.


The first part of the registration process is to review our rules and standards.
In an effort to minimize deductions and potential disqualification at our events, we have
carefully written our standards and have 
each registrant agree upon registration.

By completing your registration for a guiDANCE event, you have indicated that you
understand and agree to these standards. Our top 
priorities are the the well-being of all who attend the event, and the integrity of our mission to provide a healthy, happy, safe environment.

We  believe it is possible to have a dance competition that lets kids be kids,
encourages community building, artistic expression and honors and promotes the
vast positive elements of the dance competition & convention experience!

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